3 Reasons Why BC Bud is the Best (Ours Especially)

British Columbia

BC bud is the best. Let’s start this article off right with some facts. We both know that you clicked this article because you either a) somewhat agree with us or b) you’re a skeptic and you’re trying to figure out if our bud is really worth spending your moola on. Let me answer that question real quick … BC BUD IS THE BEST and we only supply the best. How? Well let me tell you.

person standing beside rail

1. British Columbia is a natural cannabis greenhouse

Not even exaggerating … have you smelled the air here? The air is so fresh (like our inventory -wink-) that your nostrils literally burn when you breathe. The agriculture here is A1. I mean look around you. Trees. Everywhere. We don’t even need to water our lawns to keep them green because in BC it literally rains every day. I don’t know about you but if BC’s climate can keep our greenery green AF, imagine how BC grows its weed. Any of these strains sound familiar? Nuken? OG Kush? Rockstar Kush? Guess where they came from.