Canada’s Online Weed Market: What You Need to Know

Since October 17, 2018 marijuana has been legal in Canada under the Cannabis Act. Prior to this historical date however, Canadians in the know have since been purchasing weed online from mail order marijuana (also known as MOMs) services.

Marijuana bought in this way is packaged and deilvered to your doorstep in discreet, smell-proof packages. Due to the Canada Post Corporation Act, police cannot seize domestic mail, and Canada Post employees do not intrude on the mail deilver.

Online marijuana dispensaries have been a thing for many years, and are many Canadian’s primary source of weed. The new Cannabis Act makes it possible for retail stores to operate without burden, but these online alternatives are for those who prefer online shopping, and allows them to easily compare prices across different stores.

And many marijuana delivery companies in the online space have already been operating for some time and are trusted sources in comparison to someone you meet on the street.

Is a license required to buy marijuana online?

Purchasing marijuana online for delivery was originally for licensed marijuana patients. Regardless, dispensaries that carry out delivers do not carry out checks, and Canada Post delivers all packages hassle free.

A great majority of cannabis users without medical licenses buy marijuana online safely. It just has to be for private use on your own property as being caught possessing amounts above the legal limit outside of your home can still result in a fine.

Delivery of weed in Canada: how does it work?

The parcel delivery of marijuana in Canada has always been safe, efficient, and discreet. Even Canada Post, who has been deliver marijuana without problems for years, advises sellers to take care in how they package their product.

Legal requirements issued by the ACMPR must be adhered to when delivering marijuana. Your product must be delivered and packaged securely in tamper-evident, child-resistant containers, and in a way where they cannot be identified or damaged.

All online dispensaries follow these guidelines so you can rest easy that any weed your order will arrive at your door safely without being damaged or identified.

How much does it cost to buy marijuana online?

The cannabis industry is an ever-fluctuating market so the prices of marijuana online can vary from month to month, taking into the account the potency of a flower, the amount, and the form it comes in.

An amount that is popularly bought is 3.5 grams, or most commonly referred to as an eighth. This much can be seen sold at a range from $20-40 CAD. A smaller amount of 1 gram, or a dime, ranges from $7-12 – this amount is often not offered though.

You can save your dollar per gram buying in bigger quantities. For instance, 7 grams (or a quarter) of weed can go from $42-$60 depending on the rating of the strain.

Are edibles available for purchase online?

Fortunately, yes! Many online dispensaries provide offerings for many different types of products, and that includes edibles.

Common forms of edibles like cookies, brownies, and gummies are available at many stores, and are often the deemed the most cost-efficient way of getting high as they are long-lasting.

However, edible costs can vary much more between suppliers depending on their method of production and the THC content contained in the goodies.

Are forms of concentrated cannabis available for purchase online?

Concentrated forms of marijuana such as shatter, wax, and oil are also available for online purchase and delivery in Canada.

These types of products typically go for much more dollar per gram than your plain flowers. To match this though, they are usually much more rich and potent, and often easier to consume in small amounts. This can rival, if not is even better than edibles in the cost-efficiency department.

Don’t fail to forget that liquid concentrates such as vape cartridges and pens are also included in this category.

Are CBD products available for purchase online?

A fan-favourite amongs cannabis users are CBD products that come in the same forms as traditional marijuana: oil, concentrates, and edibles. These kind of products are also available in online dispensaries.

What is great about CBD products is that they provide all the medical benefits of cannabis without the effect of getting your high. This includes the typrical use cases of pain relief, ailment treatment of things such as anxiety, arthritis, epilepsy, and more.

Legally, one can only buy CBD products with a medical prescription, but a blind eye is often turned to this legality as long as supplier of the product is delivering it safely and discreetly.

How much marijuana can you buy online?

With the Cannabis Act came the possession and purchasing rule of up to 30 grams of cannabis in public.

Larger amounts of cannabis is safe to keep at home on your private property depending on the type of product. From the Department of Justice, 1 gram of legal cannabis is equivalent to:

  • 5 grams of fresh cannabis
  • 15 grams of edible product
  • 70 grams of beverage product
  • 0.25 grams of concentrates (solid or liquid)
  • 1 cannabis plant seed

This technically means when buying weed online you can purchase up to 150 grams of fresh cannabis, or 7.5 grams of cannabis.

Under the current law, one can get weed delivered safely across Canada when buying online providing you keep it at home.

Possession of cannabis in public can lead to a charge of a hybrid offense if you’re over the 30 gram limit. Having marijuana delivered to your home is more safe than it ever has been as long as it stays there.

Despite this new lax perspective on cannabis in Canada, it is still illegal to drive while intoxicated/high, provide marijuana to a minor, and to exceed possession limits in public. There can be minor differences to the law depending on your province of residence, but as long as you are over the age limit of 19 (18 in some provinces) then you will be able to buy weed legally.

How can I buy marijuana online in Canada?

The purchasing of marijuana online can be a simple as visiting your prefered store’s website. You browse through their catalog of products, add the ones you want to your online cart, and order/pay for delivery within mere moments.

Our shop contains many kinds of products so you can consume your cannabis with your method of choice. We offer it in forms of flower, edibles, and concentrates and are actively working to expand our catalog. All of this available for delivery across the whole of Canada.

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