What the Actual Difference Is Between Smoking & Eating Marijuana

What the Actual Difference Is Between Smoking & Eating Marijuana

For the consumption of cannabis there are a variety of methods of how to appreciate it. The two most popular methods are smoking and eating.

Depending if you are a amateur smoker or consumer, it’s great to know the difference between the two. Once equipped with the knowledge you will be able to choose your preferred method, or even both depending on how you’re feeling on the day of.

Body absorption

The biggest difference between smoking and eating marijuana is how your body reacts to the absorption of cannabis. When the body absorbs it, it responds by distinctions, such as the onset time of the effects and time duration. It also accounts for the variance of the intensity within the high.

Vaping or smoking cannabis, the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) will enter your body very fast and take a direct path to your brain, resulting in feeling the effects quickly. But by the same token the duration of the high will leave just as quick.

Effects & potency

There’s definitely a difference in the consumption methods described above. When eating cannabis, you will notice that the intensity is more powerful and the high lasts longer, but will also vary in the strains used in the creation of said edibles.

When consumed, it goes towards the liver, which breaks down the consumed cannabis into 11-hydroxy-THC. Once this is broken down it goes through the blood brain barrier. Therefore, the boost in efficiency leads to more of THC making it towards the brain leading to an incredibly lengthened high.